Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Staycation February 15th-Frankenmuth

Day three of our staycation was the first that we really ventured out to do something specific. Our family, along with my mother-in-law, decided to spend the day in Frankenmuth. We headed out around 10:30am and our first stop was actually in Clio at Runyan Pottery Supply. I'm including this because, if you're a clay artist, it's a beautiful place! I highly recommend it for the ceramicists and potters that are reading.

Next was a lunch stop at Halo Burger in Birch Run. Halo Burger is a Flint institution and I get one whenever I can. There are several locations in Flint, Fenton and Birch Run. Their burgers are fresh and include all the fixin's. Olives, mushrooms, bacon and peppers are also available and I always get the olives!
Cost for 4 lunches: $19.18

Once in Frankenmuth, we tried to go to the Michigan Military and Space Museum, but it was closed for President's Day. I'll try again some other time. Instead, we went to the Frankenmuth Historical Museum, next door to the visitor's center downtown. Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for children or $5 for a family. It was a well put together display with some hands-on elements for the kids. It told the story of the Germans who settled in Frankenmuth through present day. I would allow a half-hour to one hour, depending on how long you spend reading and doing the hands-on parts.
Cost for museum admission: $5
Cost for some souvenirs: $15

After the museum, we went across the street to the Harvest Coffeehouse. It's owned by a young husband and wife and is welcoming and fun. There's a "kid's cave" for little ones to play while mom and dad have some coffee and there's an assortment of couches and tables for your relaxing pleasure. The menu is extensive, varied and reasonably priced. My son had a kid's cocoa which was a perfect temperature for immediate drinking. I had a raspberry french soda and my mother-in-law had a special Valentine's latte. All three were excellent. Please, stop by the Harvest House when you need a bit of refreshment!
Cost for 3 drinks: $7.75

After the coffee, we walked down the street to the other side of Zehnder's where the ice sculptures from snowfest were still mostly intact. There was a large assortment of amazing designs and I hope that some year I actually make it up to see them being carved! After that, we drove back to Bronner's to browse the giant Christmas store. No matter what time of year it is, Bronner's can put you in the holiday spirit! For more on Bronner's check out my earlier post.

When we were done at Bronner's we headed back downtown for the famous chicken dinners. I know some people feel a strong allegiance to either Zehnder's or the Bavarian Inn, but honestly, I think they are both wonderful! I've tried a wide range of dishes from both restaurants and everything is excellent. This time, though, we all opted for the all you can eat family style chicken at Zehnder's (also available at Bavarian Inn). Well, my son chose macaroni and cheese, but he's 3, he'll learn! For $18.95 a person you get a cup of noodle sooup, a selection of homemade breads and jam, garlic toast with liver pate and cheese spread, cottage cheese, coleslaw, cranberry relish, dressing, gravy, butter noodles, mashed potatoes and, of course, yummy fried chicken. Also, a dish of ice cream. Everything is all you can eat except for the soup and ice cream and if you can't finish you can take home anything that is on your table after you're done. Instead of ice cream I had a piece of their homemade cherry strudel, which was exquisite!
Cost for 4 meals (including 3 soft drinks and a glass of wine, strudel and tip): $95 (there are often coupons available if you check the website)
Cost for some treats from the Zehnder's bakeshop: $15

Cost for the whole day: $156.93


  1. I love Halo Burger! I recommend it highly! Great feature, makes me want to head out to
    Frankenmuth too!

  2. Ann, thanks for spending one of your staycation days in Frankenmuth. Years ago when I was winter-pregnant and my obstetrician appointments were in town, I would stop by Bronner's, too, for a visit. Such a pleasant place to stroll and not crowded in the winter.
    ~Lori Libka
    communications assistant
    Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland

  3. Growing up, my grandparents lived in Flushing and Frankenmuth was close enough for spur of the moment trips for dinner. I still love the town and make the fam go up there whenever I can!