Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy as Pie!

Many of you know that I participate in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure every year. Part of my commitment to the event is agreeing to raise at least $2300 before I'm allowed to walk. This results in me doing a lot of fundraisers. My latest one was great! I sold frozen pies from the Grand Traverse Pie Company. My customers got pies from a well-known, and delicious, company and I got $5 per pie sold for my fundraising efforts. In addition, I supported a Michigan company. When I picked up the pies, the employees even loaded them into my car for me!

If you have any need for a fundraiser, check them out. Each store does the fundraisers themselves, so just contact your local store for details!

If you're interested in supporting my fundraising efforts, visit my walker page!


  1. I love there pies! I go there once a month. Glad to hear they helped you with your fund raiser!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!