Monday, February 15, 2010

Michigan Stay-Cation: February 13th

As promised, here is my first post about our "staycation". Day one wasn't all that exciting, really. We laid low and watched the Olympics. We did head out to lunch at our favorite local mexican restaurant, El Patio. There are 3 locations: Waterford, Farmington and Milford, but I've only been to the Waterford restaurant. Everything has always been fresh and yummy. Service is lightening fast and the staff is friendly and outgoing. If you prefer carry-out, call as you walk out the door. Your food will be ready and waiting. One time I ordered take-out and then was delayed for a few minutes. When I arrived, they re-made everything (and it was a big order)! It took about 5 minutes and they wanted to make sure my food was as fresh as possible!

Day 1 cost: $30.25 (3 meals, 3 drinks and tip)

Get out there and experience some local restaurants. I promise you will find one (or lots) that will knock all the chains off the map!

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  1. I love the smaller local restaurants!

    Next time I am in the Waterford area I will check them out!